Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer in the Callows

Everywhere is beautiful in weather like this, but the Callows are special.

On weeks like this I have the best job. Out and about by the water’s edge, the calm gentle meandering river; the quite buzz of insects and bees, the happy summer sound of skylark in song, the soft piping of Redshank on guard - just keeping watch.  

On our way to work on Inishee © K. Finney  

On Inishee, 30 of the 34-37 pairs of Redshank have chicks, some now a few weeks old. More often than not, the male is left to finish rearing the chicks alone and there are now 15 single fathers on the island. The Lapwing have nearly all hatched and one pair have moved their chicks across the river to an adjacent field, also under management. They do this every year, hopefully their chicks will eventually breed in this field.  

Pumping water on Inishee © K. Finney  
Pumping water on Inishee © K. Finney

The hot dry spell means that we have begun pumping water into the drains, ensuring the chicks have enough wet patches to feed around.  

Both Alan and Anita managed to fit a quick site visit into their busy schedule. Both were suitably impressed that all the hard work has paid off. 

 Alan Lauder CEO on Inishee this week © K. Finney
Anita Donaghy, Project Manager on Inisee this week © K. Finney

The fine weather has also allowed more accurate surveys of the rest of our wader sites and we are turning up more pairs, some expanding out into new areas, also under management. The farmers will be so pleased, all their hard work to create suitable breeding habitat is paying off.

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